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Currently at Spinny
Product and UX Lead
DATE May 2015 - Mar 2016

UX Designer, Design For Use

DATE Jul 2014 - May 2015

Design Head, Pixoc

I was brought up in the foothills of Himalayas - Kathmandu, Nepal, a peaceful enchanting valley built upon the pillars of pro-culture and nature-loving people. My will to explore and take on new challenges led me to embrace the chaos of the other side of the world. I am now working as Design Head for Spinny based out of Gurgaon, India.

This sense of exploration is what I take into my work. Why? Because what I am connects with what I do. I always look forward to getting into creative adventures in order to push myself and to feel the excitement of creating new and amazing things everyday.

I am one of those who think designers should know how to code, not because they could get a product live but to understand how everything works, deep within. Personally, learning to code has helped me explore more feasible and performant possibilities while crafting user experiences.

"I believe music fuels what we do, what we think, who we are. I am a craver for sound waves that strike the eardrum and produce a sense of pleasure in my skull.

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The Spinny Experience

I currently lead the product design at Spinny. From ideation to user testing, each product has been data driven for higher efficiency and usability.

Spinny Product Design

Popsoda - Movie Buff's Paradise

I designed, developed and managed the Popsoda Mobile Hybrid App with Design For Use for a better movie watching experience.

Popsoda Product Design

Travel Triangle Visual Design

I did visual design for a platform that completely personalizes your travel experience and lets you customize every detail of your journey.

Travel Triangle Visual Design


Strategy Design

Strategy and Planning

From a user's perspective, every touchpoint that a product has leaves her with an experience, a story to tell. I believe in getting the details and micro-interactions right, from the experience of a customer support call to the time taken by a field executive to serve a customer, everything must resonate with the principles of the product. Design is how a product feels right from onboarding to the core service.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Design is not something you put on top of a product, its the process of building the product. I specialize in the core elements of User Experience Design from user and market research to ideating new interactive prototypes. I also test the same using user feedback to iterate and make sure the users are always on the happier side. They experience the product as it they expect it to.

UI and Visual Design

UI & Visual Design

Visual language and brand are very very important in message communication. From a digital designer's point of view, I believe in minimal visual design to communicate the message rightly. A strong brand resonates with the people and they build their loyalty upon the same. For taking a product from Zero to One, I focus on clear and simple visual language for the product. Keep It Simple Silly.

Front End Development

Front End Development

If a user is unable to experience the product thought of due to poor development, its a waste of ideas and effort. Front end is what the users interact with and to get it right, I specialize in modern frameworks like HTML5/CSS3, Angular, React and Ionic. Learning development has further helped me push my creative boundaries as I explore inspiration from both the design and development world.









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Node JS

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